Wow! Did that Year Fly By

What a year this has been.  My first year in the Junior High has flown by.  I have learned a lot of different things about 7th & 8th graders.  The main one is they are having a tough time deciding if they are ready to become young adults or cling to still being a kid.  I tried many new ideas this year with some failing and others hitting the mark.  I t was a year of growing & testing but I have emerged with lots of teaching ideas from the experience.  Twitter was a great addition to my Personal Learning, along with our Panthers Tech Bootcamp (which I passed) and my first experience with an Edcamp.  I am grateful for all who have helped me through the school year to become a better teacher.  I still have so much I want to learn & experience and I hope to take next year group of students on part of my journey.  Here is too a relaxing (camping here I come), learning ( 2 summer classes) and bittersweet summer(my baby will be going to college in the fall)!

Junior High 212

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